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A power ranking in Code World is like a handicap in golf, except it is politically incorrect to use the term handicap. The power ranking is a measure of proficiency in solving Code World puzzles. Since the whole Code World concept is still in its infancy, the current measure is quite crude. There are Code Wizards and non-Code Wizards, and the only criterion is whether or not the player can play through a deck of 52 polyhedrish cards in under ten minutes.

We hope to develop a more refined and sophisticated system for applying a score to each player's talents, which will eventually become the power ranking standard. The new system will take advantage of the fact that all of the different potential puzzles can be classified into six basic types. Four types are created by globe cards, and two types are created by glider cards. It will require a small piece of software to generate test sets presenting one puzzle from each type, tracking performance, and calculating a power ranking for each run through the test set. Things can get more complicated in terms of tracking past performances and incorporating them into current power rankings. Rather than do a bad job of implementing a poorly conceived system, Rafiki will wait for warrior feedback to see what type of system of power rankings will be most useful. Suggestions are welcome.

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