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Code World Objectives




Show 'em how tough you are.




The first objective in owning a Code World is to be cool. If you already own one, Congratulations, if not, get with it!

A second objective of Code World is to allow dynamic study of the regular solids. It is the best, if not the only tool on the planet suited for this purpose. A third objective is to explore the foundations of information theory and its handmaiden, cryptology. Symmetry plays a bigger and bigger role in these areas every day. Individually, the perfect solids are interesting and useful, but combining all five in movement gives one a new perspective on symmetry. It is a Code World objective to appreciate this new perspective and begin to see its applications. The five regular solids have long been known to share elements of symmetry, but Code World visually breaks and then combines these elements, and it mechanically puts this combination in motion for the first time. So now it is obvious that Code World is a tool, a work of art and a force of nature. It’s not a toy, - not.

But of course it’s a toy!

The overriding objective in owning Code World is to have fun. Fun and learning are not only compatible, they are compulsory. There are several games, riddles, and puzzles to be imagined. These games come to light by exploring the fascinating relationships and uses for Plato’s perfect solids - some of them known, but others we have yet to discover.

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