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Who Should get a Code World?

Plato, Da Vinci, Newton, Darwin and Einstein all had Code Worlds. Shouldn't you? If you still aren't sure, here's a partial list of people that should definitely take a serious look at joining the club.

  • Anyone smarter than everyone else and wants to prove it.

  • People who collect games, puzzles and toys.

  • Someone looking for the perfect gift for the guy who's smarter than everyone else.

  • People who like to twiddle things while they think, or not think.

  • The world's best and brightest teachers.

  • Anyone tired of cubes and the erroneous worship of a cube-centric universe.

  • Those interested in sacred geometry.

  • Early adopters looking for the best new thing since REM.

  • Loving parents who want their children's brains to grow real big.

  • Loving Grandparents who want to give their grandchildren something more redeeming than simulated anti-social behavier on a silicon wafer.

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