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Geometry and art on the web

There are many fabulous web galleries of art that feature geometric themes. The media used is as diverse as the artists using them. Here are a few examples of art that connects with Code World and Rafiki. Share your favorites with us.

What is Art?

"Artistic (and also scientific) creation is such mental activity as brings dimly perceived feelings (or thoughts) to such a degree of clearness that these feelings or thoughts are transmitted to other people".

"True science investigates and brings to human perception such truths and such knowledge as the people of a given time and society consider most important. Art transmits these truths from the region of perception to the region of emotion. If therefore the path chosen by science be false, so also will be the path taken by art. Science gives direction to the forward movement; while art causes the actual progression. Thus a false activity of science inevitably causes a correspondingly false activity of art."

Leo Tolstoy - What is Art

"The heart of all major discoveries in the physical sciences is the discovery of novel methods of representation , and so of fresh techniques by which inferences can be drawn - and drawn in ways which fit the phenomena under investigation."

Stephen Toulmin

Hop's Gallery

Beautiful color paintings, some black and white drawings, lots of great geometry and links to places near and far. Make sure you check it out.



Mark Curtis

Damn right!

Mark is a British artist who has discovered an alternate application for symmetry in genetic information. He notes that the Watson-Crick base pairings do not strictly conform with geometric principles, and he has proposed an ingenious modification to our view of the double helix.




Dick Termes has been dissecting platonic relationships a long time, and so he knows more about spatial relationships than we could ever hope to imagine. He is willing to share that knowledge, so I suggest you take advantage of it, and check him out at:


Nobody can find his way around a sphere like Dick.

Michael Teague

Michael is a friend of mine in Bloomington. He is an excellent painter and cartoonist. His work doesn't really fit the description of geometric art, but I have inserted some of it in my writings. Words cannot describe his work, but his art describes some things that words cannot.



In vedic cosmology, the Bindu is the seed & spark of creation,
holy frop & quantum source-point within the cosmic yoni-womb.
Measureless unitu, the Bindu comprises an infinite space,
enrobing and disrobing forms with geometric garments.
We are Bindu, the body-less un-bounded Divine
touring the Universe and seeding Beingness.
The axial beam is the pervading presence of pure consciousness
writing the scenario of forgetfulness.
We are the sacred dot, witnessing all action and all non-action.
Seeing the Self in all Beings
and all Beings in the Self.

StarWheel #84 - "Sri Bindu"


George W. Hart



Professor Hart is a sculptor and a scholar. He has a fantastic set of web pages that explore mathematics and art.

Master Link Page

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