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I have written five entire books in an effort to explain my ideas. I have not been successful in getting them published, and rather than let them go to waste, I am making them available here. If you are going to read just one, I recommend Book #3, or perhaps Book #4.

These works are unpublished in any traditional format, but they are copyrighted. You are welcome to download them for personnal use, but do not reproduce them for any other purpose. If you would like to use them for something, contact us. If you are a publisher interested in updating, consolidating and refining this material, we'd love to hear from you.

Title Description Files

Book #1

225 pages with 67,000 words and hundreds of color illustrations. This is the original attempt to get the Rafiki point of view on paper. Much more philosophy than science, it has lots of colorful perspective on the genetic code and the origins of life. It is a synthesis of an eccentric worldview, and a call to re-interpret the genetic code. Work started ~ 10-02, and stopped 3-03.

The files are 120 dpi pdf format to give a good screen resolution and efficient download times. The entire book is in Book1.pdf, and the same material is broken out into five seperate files, a-e, to allow it to be downloaded in sections.

Entire book
Book1.pdf (5.4 meg)

Book1a.pdf (0.76 meg)
Book1b.pdf (1.7 meg)
Book1c.pdf (1.3 meg)
Book1d.pdf (0.96 meg)
Book1e.pdf (0.95 meg)


Title Description Files

Book #2

147 pages and 35,000 words. This is a pretty fast read, and an effort to cut the radical worldview back a bit. It still is dripping with eccentric philosophy, but the approach is more oriented toward information theory with respect to the fundamental nature of genetic information and translation.

It has black and white illustrations, and it is formatted for a 6" x 9" printing. The color was eliminated from the first one to make it easier and cheaper to print. It is also in 120 dpi pdf format.

Entire Book
Book2.pdf (1.6 meg)


Title Description Files

Book #3

310 pages and 143,000 words. This is a fairly good description of the the old and new paradigms of the genetic code.

Entire Book

(1.6 meg)


Title Description Files

Book #4

139 pages and 55,000 words. This was first written as a series of articles to be posted at an online archive. The chapter about the symmetrical icon was eventually expanded and posted.

Many of the color illustrations were contributed by Michael Teague. The forward was written by Subhash Kak.

Entire Book
Beauty1.pdf (2.0 meg)


Title Description Files

Book #5

62 pages and 37,000 words. This is a departure from the previous attempts to get something published. This was my first attempt to inject politics into my science. My hope was that I could appeal to right wing talk radio hosts and audiences.

Entire Book

(0.35 meg)

Title Description Files

Geometric Structure of Codon Relationships

750 words, one figure plus citations. 300 dpi pdf. This was my first attempt to introduce the Rafiki map to the world at large. It was patterned after Watson and Crick's famous letter to Nature in 1953. Clever, right? I don't think Nature saw it that way. They sent it back with a rubber ink-stamp of a squirrel with a dialogue balloon that read 'not interested'. Their loss. The first, and perhaps the last formal scientific piece I ever attempt.

Letter.pdf (212 kb)

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