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The G-Ball

$20.00 - Free Shipping

The Rafiki Map is ~7 inches in diameter. This picture shows four different views of the same ball. It is beautifully hand-silkscreened with vibrant colors, and hand-sewn in Pakistan. This is considered a prototype. There are some flaws: it must be inflated about once a month to keep its taught form, and the ink scratches with rough play. Not many of these initial balls exist, so perhaps they will be collector's items in the future. At this point I prefer to limit their distribution to those interested in pursuing the study of symmetry and the genetic code.

Instructions for reading the map

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Code World

Each package includes one Code World device. Also included is a deck of 52 handsomely printed Polyhedrish playing cards and card box. Owner's manual with instructions included. No batteries required.

Not Available

There are two or three additional toys in the works, but production will not begin until it becomes apparent that there is a market for these products. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please send us a note to let us know if you have an interest.

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